Filipino Arts!

Armas De Mano Filipino Arts Academy - blended system of Filipino weapon-based arts.

Diverse training methods, conceptual strategies, understanding of natural laws and principles...

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Become Your

Best Self

Jeet Kune Do/JKD is not a style to be preserved, but experienced, and therefore the study of one self.

In a fight, you do not have the luxury of thought and therefore your fighting skills must be preparatory in nature..

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We focus on the foundation necessary to support good self-defense skills. A program dedicated to teaching your child about Self-Respect, Self-Discipline & Personal Values.

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Growth is Struggle, Struggle is Growth

Kempo Karate

Prepare to mentally and physically defend yourself in our Japanese Kempo & Indonesian Silat blended Karate program.

It's your Journey...There is No End..

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Hatha Yoga

Time to take control of #1 in your life...YOU! Our program is perfect for finding peace, connecting mind-body-spirit, and getting to become one with your inner self.

If your an athlete, yoga will strengthen the intrinsic muscles of your body that often get overlooked during your exercise regimen. Read More

MUAY THAi ...Taking 35% body fat

Down to 12%

Enjoy the benefits of aerobic activity as you sculpt your upper and lower body to be toned and strong, burn off the fat like you have always desired, and listen to some energy packed music during the "calorie busting" activity.

We teach from the Muay Thai Art to create strength, agility, and cardiovascular endurance.....

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Welcome to our site

New and expanded site for your enjoyment. Come out and see our modern 2100 square foot workout area! We're growing strong!

Serving the Frankfort, Manhattan, Manteno, Markham, Mokena, Monee, New Lenox, Peotone, Richton Park, and other neighboring communities as the leading Martial Arts provider for years.


As an Academy, our programs are robust to meet your growing needs. We have programs geared just for you regardless of your fitness level, or previous experience.  We start at nine years old, and go up from there as long as your committed to yourself.  Consider an Academy with a mission and dedication to provide services in the instruction of martial arts using traditional and non-traditional approaches to the learning process. While there are many martial arts schools in the industry, we pursue a different strategic path to give us our own identity, business emphasis, and path for development.

We promote innovation and broaden the range of study to adapt to changing conditions thereby crafting a strategy to produce the some of the best practitioners in the Arts.  In essence, we actively take measures to satisfy the performance, competitive quality, and reliability requirements of our students.  Performance objectives are outlined for each student so that progress can be monitored, controlled and maintained to ensure the student is on track with curriculum requirements.

A special thank you to all the students of the Academy, and to those instructors across the United States that supported our growth.  We continue to provide sound martial arts classes taught by people invested in training in the martial arts themselves.  An owner, who's been involved for many years, unlike some schools where the owners are not trained in the Arts, and need to rely on contract instructors who are not vested in the success of the business. So, this year will bring additional hours for training to the Academy, seminars with some of the best in the business.

Course Structure & Offerings
Student Personal Development Course
Facility Changes

WANT TO GET INVOLVED?   TAKE A TRIAL CLASS.   Call us to sign up today! It's QUICK and IT's EASY!

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Need a GIFT CARD for that special someone?  They are available in $25 and $50 increments and work nicely with our student/guest visit fee, or trial classes.  Contact us at 708-646-1006 to inquire.

Latest News - 2019 Here We Come!


16th Annual Filipino Arts Camp - March 23 & 24th, 2019

Midwest Sifu Francis Fong Wing Chun Seminar - May 19 & 20, 2018

The Midwest Summit Camp 2018 - October 20 & 21, 2018

FOR YOUNG ADULTS we have some great SPECIALS that are being offered throughout the year.   Look for deals on our Facebook Page.   We have programs for young adults (15 years old) and older that teaches self-defense as it should be taught.  Its amazing to watch your children transform!

Thai Kickboxing Class

Hatha Yoga Classes - Monday & Wednesday

Look for upcoming seminars on our Event Calendar and the bottom of any of our Pages.  In March 2019 we will have our 16th Filipino Arts Camp at the Armas De Mano Academy within the Midwest Academy Dojo, as well as the Midwest Sifu Francis Fong Wing Chun Seminar in May 2019.

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Our Trainers and Advisors

Experienced Martial Artists - Best Of The Best Attitude

When it comes to training in the Arts, we are fortunate to have an active in-house staff as listed above to serve the needs of the community.  With years of experience at the forefront of our classes, we guarantee that you will find a class that will benefit your health, cardiovascular heel-being, and self-defense and awareness skills like no other in the area. WE ARE CONFIDENT WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the industry in which we serve, we have added the YOGA Arts to the Academy's plethora of programs.   We all know the benefits of YOGA, and for the first time we are honored to have Ms. Christine  on our staff to take our Academy to a higher level of service for our community.

Christine  - Academy YOGA Instructor

Our Classes

We Got You Covered!


Enjoy the cardiovascular toning, flexibility, stamina/endurance and train with others for the pure conditioning.

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Japanese-based system of training emphasizes excellence in self-defense.

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Class structured around the concepts and principles as taught by the late Bruce Lee with Wing Chun at the core of the 26 systems..

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Composed of different "styles" utilizing diverse training methods, fighting techniques, conceptual strategies, posturing/footwork  and the understanding of natural laws and principles that govern all movement and motion.

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A total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. From the standpoint of health and fitness, it targets your core, arms, legs, glutes and back. It is low impact, develops flexibility, and strength.!

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As one of the largest providers, we offer the best in teaching effective self-defense moves, assertiveness skills, and mental awareness strategies surrounding assault and domestic violence situations.

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Geared towards Law Enforcement and Security personnel through the Midwest Academy - Defensive Tactics Division for Cook and Will County.

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