Filipino Martial Arts – Kali/Escrima/Arnis (Adult & Teen)

Armas De Mano Filipino Arts Academy: A blended system of Filipino weapon-based arts as developed by the pioneers of the arts: The late Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Grandmaster Remy Presas, and Guro Dan Inosanto,  and other blends of kali systems.


The Armas De Mano Filipino Arts Academy is dedicated to provide services in the instruction of Filipino Martial Arts using traditional and non-traditional approaches to the learning process. Developed centuries ago, the teachers of today have learned from the great pioneers, and expanded their knowledge through creativity and adjustment to fit today's socio-economic culture.  Much like the pioneers of the past. the Armas De Mano Academy looks to the pioneers of today for guidance and instruction in the preservation of these systems.  The student is provided the opportunity to study from those pioneers who are still with us today, as well as instructors of today who challenge themselves to be "out of the box" thinkers.

"As the founder of the Academy, my vision is to provide a solid foundation of the basics in the various styles/systems of Filipino Arts, and provide a setting in which the student can advance their skills by blending concepts and principles employed from the teachings of myself and other affiliated schools and instructors."

Inosanto Instructor Photo


"I am where I am at because of my hard work and dedication to explore other systems.  But most importantly, I continue to expand my knowledge because each of my teacher's continue to share their knowledge."

"I am simply forever grateful!"




Filipino Arts Camp - March 19 & 20, 2016
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The teachings by Guro David are composed of different "styles' of techniques, utilizing diverse training methods, fighting techniques, conceptual strategies, posturing/footwork, and the understanding of natural laws and principles that govern all movement and motion.

Within the student's course of study a curriculum-based format is taught originally to develop the foundation for the various styles taught at the Academy.  As the skill sets develop, the student learns to apply advanced techniques with the goal of becoming proficient in blending the systems.   

"The challenge for the student is to recognize the similarities within the various systems, and adapt the system to fit the environment in which conflict is created."

The curriculum components are as follows:

  • Footwork
  • Single baston
  • Double baston
  • Single dagger
  • Double dagger
  • Stick and dagger
  • Empty hand



The styles/systems offered within the Armas De Mano Academy are as follows:

  • Cabales Serrada Escrima
  • Mata Sa Bagyo Escrima
  • Modern Arnis
  • Largo Mano system
  • Kali - Inosanto/LaCoste Blend
  • Pekiti Tersia


Past years seminar. Thanks to all the participants who worked their way through a "taxing" day of empty hand techniques against various bladed weapons, disarms and restrain/control everything else.


Law Enforcement Officers at the Armas De Mano Academy


Law Enforcement officer (left) and Larry G


Brian R and Mark V (foreground) and Lou and Pat P (background)







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As an active student participating in numerous seminars around the country, Guro's level of experience and knowledge in the Filipino Martial Arts continues to be sought out for seminars by other martial arts schools, police enforcement officials, and security personnel.

Call us to day to inquire about special program offers, schedule Guro David for an upcoming seminar, or participate in one of the many seminars going on in other states that may be of interest.


Wednesday: 8:00-8:50 p.m., Thursday 6:15 - 6:50 p.m.

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