JKD/Wing Chun Kung Fu (Adults)


We are pleased to be a part of the Francis Fong Affiliate Organization of Wing Chun Kung Fu representing the Chicagoland and south suburban areas in Illinois.  The importance of having brought both the Wing Chun and JKD within the Academy adds to our dedication and committment to teaching these Arts to the community at a high level.

sifu-francis-fongWing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese-based system taught under the guidance of Sifu Francis Fong that specializes in developing dynamic, explosive, powerful and street-oriented practical self defense.  A system designed to work on development of leverage principles and concepts to overcame and opponent.  The system taught supports the development of reflex speed, coordination and power to enable someone to quickly and effortlessly disable a larger and stronger opponent without relying on muscle mass or size.   Students utilize the various tools to support their learning experience:

  • Wooden dummy
  • Footwork
  • Punching & kicking
  • Trapping
  • Focus mitts
  • Two-man drills
  • Energy Drills
















JKD is a system developed by the late Bruce Lee that is based on fighting concepts and principles, physical training, strategy, core techniques, and most importantly philosophy.  It is not a style to be preserved, but experienced, and therefore the study of one self.
Emphasizing the various ranges of attack, students start out learning the following fundamentals:

  • Footwork
  • Jabs & basic punching

  • Hand combinations

  • Kicking and kick defenses

  • Hand trapping

As the student becomes proficient in the performance of the various core requirements, he is encouraged to continue with the initial discovery process and how it relates to their own individual identity as a practitioner in JKD.  This will require experimentation by the student to discover their own potential (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and tendencies and a course of action for improvement.  To be successful, the student should not be left without the effective guidance by their teacher.  Failing to understand the process will inhibit their ability to discover themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually and thus rob the student the process of research and discovery.


Guro David with Diana Lee Inosanto and Guro Ron Balicki

Guro David with Diana Lee Inosanto and Guro Ron Balicki


Understanding oneself, joint assessment of technical ability, and shear dedication are prerequisites that will aid the student in his quest for increasing his potential.  To be a well-rounded fighter, one must possess the ability to intuitively and instinctively employ the elements of mind and body in a combative situation.   In a fight, you do not have the luxury of thought and therefore your fighting skills must be preparatory in nature.

Along the student's journey, additional skills will be acquired that will come to serve as elements for improving one's ability to deal with a conflict situation.  The following components of advanced training are listed and are not meant to be inclusive by any means during one's course of study:

  • Compound trapping - reflex and fine motor
  • Empty Hand: Pac Sao and Lop Sao cycles

  • Advanced jab and punching drills, and counters

  • Advanced kicking drills, and counters

  • Energy Drills: Develop heightened sensitivity



EQUIPMENT The following equipment items are utilized to provide the student with the necessary tools to prepare himself with as realistic of an actual combat situation as possible and evoke the right defensive or offensive fighter response.

  • Focus Mitts
  • Thai pads
  • Bag gloves
  • Heavy bags
  • Hand wraps
  • Shin Guards
Bruce Lee1
 CLASS TIMES: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday  8:00-8:50 p.m.
Classes may be cancelled for seminars, holidays,  inclement weather, vacation, staff training, lack of participation.

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