Women’s Self Defense

Self Defense Program - #1 RANKED by YOU!

Upcoming Event: June 13, 2015

Registration:  Contact the Academy directly to sign up for the seminar.

The Midwest Academy of United Martial Arts Women's Self Defense Program offers the finest in teaching effective self defense moves, assertiveness skills and mental awareness strategies surrounding assault and domestic violence situations. Instruction will focus on simple, yet effective movements that use the strengths on a woman’s body against the weaknesses on an assailant’s body.

The class is not like most programs offered today that lack the understanding of the dynamics of your attacker's strength. When your attacker gets a hold of you, it's simply not a pleasant feeling. Getting out of it is not so easy, and yes, what you learn in the Academy will work for anyone. If you have ever been a victim, you understand fully about what I am talking about.

Muggers and rapists typically prey on women whom often transmit their vulnerability. They size you up because you fail to project the "walk with a purpose mindset." The image you project needs to convey one of "stature!" You need to feel good about YOU and walk at a steady pace, back straight, head erect, and appear as if you know where you are going. Above all, understand your environment...watch out for anything out of the ordinary.

If confronted by a stranger who attempts to stop you with a question, answer "Sorry, but I'm running behind on an appointment " and keep on moving.

Empower yourself to be safer and more confident in your abilities to prevent and handle assault situations!

If your viewing this page, you are acknowledging the importance of this type of program for yourself or a friend.  Stop procrastinating!  It's only one Saturday and a couple of hours of your time....with nothing to lose.

We are a recognized leader in Women's Self Defense Seminars.  No other seminar is offered as frequently throughout the year.

Apply what you have learned at the seminar real time against an attacker in a full body protective suit.  This is what makes us different from another school's seminar.

Benefits of a Women's Self Defense Seminar

  • Survival:  Since women are the ones who are in the greatest danger, what can be more important than simply equipping yourself to survive by utilizing straight-forward, no-nonsense defensive tactics.  The Academy is of the belief that you understand your environment, and fight back in any way that you know how, using whatever martial arts skills you possess, or "whatever comes naturally based on the situation; just make your position unmistakably clear and have the determination to resist."

  • Increased Awareness:  Understanding your surroundings is key to reducing the risk of attack.  We all know that we should not be in a place that simply gives us feeling that..."hey, I'm not feeling good about this one"!  Maybe your better off by having someone with you when you go to an unfamiliar place a few times before you get into the groove of going alone.  By taking a Women's Self Defense course, you learn about risk reduction practices and what to do if you become a victim.

Our Women's Self Defense/Rape Escape Seminars are guaranteed to have you come back time and time again.  Women (must be 15 or older) of all abilities are encouraged to attend.

Remember, you do not have to be athletic to attend.  As a matter of fact, you would be surprised how strong you really are.  I will give you that opportunity first hand as I put on a full protective body suit and let you take your "shots".

Our events have some really determined ladies fight their way out of some aggressive attacks.  You ask for "real-time"...I give it to you!  

Visit our GALLERY to see photos from past events.........Great Work Ladies!

All I can say is that you girls are NUTS!  Unbelievable women power filled the Academy like none other I have been involved with over 25+ years.  Yes, we are still the leader and by the looks of the AGGRESSIVENESS the ladies brought to the table, if I were a Dad, Husband, Brother, Major League Friend, Boss, Law Enforcement Agent.....whatever....I would have you in this ongoing seminar circuit without hesitation.

Don't say it will never happen to you!  That's a lot of DENIAL !  For $25 and three hours of my time, you cannot afford to make excuses.  GIVE IT UP !!

This event should convince all of you that you never know when it can happen to YOU... so you might as well learn to protect yourself from harm.

Take a look at the some of the basic strikes, and some of the takedowns and preventive attacks ... and this is just a sampling of how you can make a difference in your life! Again...visit the GALLERY!

Call us today to schedule you very own private seminar!  

Register at the Academy in Frankfort, IL. or call us directly to register for any of our upcoming seminars. Note: Seminars may be cancelled due to lack of seminar enrollment ( 10 person minimum) and will occur one week prior to the event.  Minor's will require parental consent form to be completed at or prior to the event.

Interested in what we have to offer overall in our year round programs.   Contact Sensei David today at 708-646-1006 or email Sensei at info@midwestunitedmartialarts.com to enroll or discuss how we can meet your needs.

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