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GO FOR THE GOLD with the finest in Martial Arts instruction.  Become a champion in school, business and life by enrolling in any of our top-rated programs.  Our Team? Well, see below and feel free to give us a call today to schedule your first interview with one of core instructors.
Master/Shihan David Greco

Master/Shihan David Greco

Martial Arts Instructor, Master/Guro David Greco, has been studying martial arts for over 30 years.  His principal martial arts style is Japanese Kempo, with a strong focus on the philosophy, concepts, and principles as taught with Kosho Ryu.  Many of his early years of study were in American Kempo -Tracy and Parker systems, and other styles that provided the base for his own system and success today.  Additional experience is in JKD, Filipino Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi and No-Gi), Grappling/Submission Wrestling Arts, and Indonesian Silat that has become a part of his own dynamic system.

David is the owner and Head Instructor of the Midwest Academy of United Martial Arts, Incand founder of the Armas De Mano Filipino Arts Academy, and Midwest Defensive Tactics Division located in Frankfort, Illinois.  After years of teaching within his residence, other dojos, camps, and in nationwide seminars, he set up instruction locally to offer peak fitness and martial arts classes to the general public.  He holds martial arts seminars and supports nationwide events in an effort to promote unity.

David’s dedication and enthusiasm within the arts is well represented amongst his peers, and his commitment to the Arts is exemplified within his broad-based curriculum of study and travels throughout the United States.  As a leading expert, he maintains the capacity to bring people together for a common purpose, and the character, which inspires confidence.  His focus continues to unify martial artists of all styles of study in an effort to preserve the teachings of the founders - past and present. In his quest for knowledge, he studies directly from the best in order to provide extraordinary services to the community.

His belief in teaching concepts and principles associated with the study of natural laws and principles related to body motion/movement provides the practitioner with advanced methods to strengthen his/her fundamental skills. Students of all ages are encouraged to look for the similarities amongst the various martial disciplines offered, study them all, and prepare themselves for the journey ahead.  Don't be fooled by singular systems being the panacea to being the best, or instructors with little tenure in the industry.  Harvest your experiences around multiple systems and enjoy the benefits of growth and struggle along the path.

 Organizations and Other experience include:

  • Affiliate School under Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2015
  • Member School: United States Black Belt Society 1999
  • Past Instructor/Seminar Presenter for Corporate Girl Scouts and other divisions

David travels extensively throughout the United States to learn the various systems of study offered within the school.  As an instructor he  recognizes that keeping the Arts alive is a challenge. Over the past 30 years, David continues to further his course of study in other styles and systems in an effort to meet the needs of the students, and continues to provide and support community events as a recognized martial arts leader in the south suburbs. If you are serious about the journey in becoming a well-rounded practitioner in the Arts, Shihan can provide you with the right mix of programs.

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Exceptional Customer Care.

Leadership in quality has top priority.

Importance of Quality Instruction.

Our Customer – You!

We regard the students of our instruction as “customers” whose needs are important to understand and satisfy. Martial Arts provide the environment to allow each student to bring out the best in them both mentally & physically.  There is no better feeling of joy than to watch our students advance to a higher level because of their quest for knowledge.  We remind them that in their journey ……Success breeds success!

Student Involvement.

Our policy is to foster a spirit of self-discipline, self respect & among students regarding the Academy’s performance.  We will stimulate our student’s creativity, initiative, and sense of responsibility as they learn the various styles and systems of the Arts.

Our certified associate instructors provide current skills training and promote open communication to maximize student contributions.  In essence, we care about each and every student as we recognize that “Struggle is Growth and Growth is Struggle”.

Promote Unity in The Arts.

We are of the belief that all styles and systems of Martial Arts play an important role in building an individual’s character.  No one system is better than the other, nor is any one system the answer to protecting oneself in a self-defense situation.  Therefore, we are of the belief that each individual should look for the similarities within the different styles of Martial Arts.  The only difference between the Arts is the culture from which they came.  The concepts and principles are all the same and thus promoting unity within the Arts should be the focus.


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