Junior Adult Classes (Ages 13-16)

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Junior Adults Program 

At the Midwest Academy of United Martial Arts, our Junior Adults program is the next level before the Adult program.  Geared towards the 13-16 years of age child, we continue to focus on the foundation necessary to support good self-defense skills.  We add motivational themes such as  "Achievement Rewards", etc. to those children that show exceptional character and post them for all to see.  While this program leads into the Adult program, it is at this stage that the child continues to build upon the following life skills:

  • Build Self-respect
  • Develop Self-discipline
  • Instill values and Build character
  • Improve Coordination
  • Improve Flexibility, Strength, and Agility
  • Improve Concentration/Focus
  • Instill a Positive Attitude
  • Build leadership skills, team skills and winning spirit
  • Develop mind, body and spirit to operate in harmony - avoid conflict


The children will learn defensive skills associated with:

  • Escaping patterns & footwork - Octagon drills
  • Posturing - Gamae
  • Basic & Advanced techniques - kicking, striking, blocking, sweeps
  • Balance
  • Ground techniques - Jiu Jitsu, Submissions
  • Control techniques (locks and throws)
  • Cardiovascular conditioning - Kickboxing and JKD Concepts
  • Indonesian Silat

By employing these principles in our classes it is easy for us to guarantee your child's success at home or at school.

And by the way......look below, we all head out to have fun every couple of months.


Monday & Wednesday 6:00 - 6:50 p.m. 

Student must attend two classes per week. Classes may be cancelled for seminars, vacations, holidays, staff training, lack of participation.
Contact Sensei David today at 708-646-1006 or email Sensei at info@midwestunitedmartialarts.com to enroll your child in one of our programs.

Thank you for making a difference in your child's life!

WE'RE ON !!!!!.

Most parents today enroll their child into a martial arts program because of something you saw on television or in the movies.  When you first enter the dojo (karate school), you may be surprised to find that real martial arts does not reflect the box-office hit, or action-packed TV shows.  While your child will have as much fun as the characters in the movies, we promise not to make actors out of them.  Give your child to learn the basics in the first 6 months - 1 year.  Don't expect them to be rough and tough like some MMA television show.  They need to grow mentally and physically, and well....you know this happens at a different rate for all kids.

Let them learn to deal with kids their own age first, and then you will see the benefits of our self-defense program as they get older.  They will learn kata's to provide them with the tools to defend themselves.  It's all hidden within the Art intentionally so each child can expect to struggle as his/her own pace until they simply figure out what works best for them.  As the Master of the program, you cam bet I am right there with them during their growth. WATCH AND SEE >>>> THEY NEED TIME!

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